Glen was born into a pastor’s family. His parents instilled in him an intense love and respect for the Church where the services were characterized by vibrant hymn singing seasoned with heartfelt special music especially Southern Gospel. His mother loved music and would sing frequently in the church, encouraging Glen to do the same. So, as a young boy, Glen sang in churches, revivals, funerals, nursing homes, and anywhere else his parents thought he should. And he loved it! He would be excused from school on several occasions to sing at a funeral his father would be conducting. In his middle teens, he helped form a local Gospel group, The PK Quartet… You guessed it…all preachers’ kids. They traveled mostly locally for a couple of years until Glen left for Bible College

Glen took his first pastorate at the age of 21 and continued proclaiming the Gospel for almost forty years in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, and Missouri. In addition he built church plants, hosted radio programs, directed Christian schools, and participated as a counselor in Christian camps. He has worked in street ministry and has also welcomed the opportunity to pray and speak at political venues.

Always pursuing his love of Southern Gospel Music, Glen has sung both tenor and lead in several gospel quartets including Travelers Quartet of Tulsa, Oklahoma; Calvary Echoes of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma; and the Victorymen of Joplin, Missouri. He has also enjoyed singing solo at several private functions as well as acting as emcee for the Cherokee Jamboree in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

His love of Gospel singing led him to write dozens of songs and poems. Recently God led him to launch a brand new ministry called Rhyme, Reason, and Song. Glen currently has two recordings produced with the leadership of Daywind Studios in Nashville, TN and producer Marty Funderburk. The first, RESTORATION, features well known gospel songs using Daywind music tracts. “Just Hold On” , an original song by Glen , is both the title of the second album and the featured first song on the CD. Glen is delighted to have included four other originals on this album.

Glen and Margaret married knowing they would pursue ministry together and individually. Margaret liked to tell her patients she and Glen were in the same business of helping people. Margaret took care of their physical needs and Glen took care of their spiritual ones.

Margaret always had a variety of interests including mathematics, research, dancing, teaching, music, and crafts. After working several years as a computer analyst for major oil companies Margaret decided to pursue a medical degree. She ultimately practiced Internal Medicine for twenty-five years and worked in multiple capacities including as an office practitioner and hospitalist in both rural and metropolitan locations. Just as she had felt God directed her to pursue a career in medicine, she began to feel that she was supposed to leave the field. With Glen’s full agreement she retired in 2019.

Although she had no idea what she was going to do with all her time, her days soon became full of activities; housewife, piano teacher, quilting and sewing, canning, and most recently writing a book.

Glen and Margaret have been married for twenty-six years and have three children and three grandchildren. They reside in Grove, OK on a small farm. Together, they continue to pursue the ministry of Jesus Christ.